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As the old saying goes, it’s always 5:00 somewhere. There’s nothing better than a cold drink when 5:00 rolls around, or when 5:00 just can’t come soon enough. Here at Best Home Brewing Kit  , we know how important it is to have a cold one ready to crack open whenever you need it.

Well, if you’ve been shopping for a cooler, fridge, kegerator, or any other sort of beverage cooling appliance recently, you’ve probably noticed the sheer number of options on the market. There’s just plain too many to choose from, especially when you’re a hard-working, busy person.

The upside of variety is that there’s lots of competition, which drives down costs and forces companies to put real time and effort into innovating and improving their design. The downside is there’s a lot of coolers, kegerators, and fridges out there that just aren’t up to par. Best Home Brewing Kit was created to help busy people find the best beverage cooling solutions quickly, so you can stop wasting money and stop relying on lukewarm products!

We’re not engineers or technical experts, just ordinary buyers like you. We knew that there wasn’t a really good guide site designed for the average consumer, in terms we can all understand. Our site explains everything plain and simple, in real world terms that make sense. We’ve approached both our research and our reviews as real consumers. We wanted appliances that are easy for anyone to figure out, and reliable for anyone to use without lots of maintenance or fiddling around.

The site’s pretty simple. We’ve set it up to help you out in a few specific categories. We’ve come up with special guides to the best beer coolers, beverage coolers, kegerators, ice makers, and more. You’ll find a quick overview on our homepage, and you can click through to any of our guides to read full, in-depth reviews.

Here’s how we chose our recommendations. We brainstormed all the features that mattered most to us when we’re using a cooler. Then we went on a big shopping spree to find all the options on the market in each category. We compared prices, features, and specs, and took a cold hard look at all the special technology in the marketing, to figure out what it actually meant in terms of drinks. Then, we looked at professional reviews from the experts at Consumer Reports and other big publications, to see how they all performed. After weeding out some of the less impressive options, we had ourselves a reasonable field to examine closely. We next embarked on a long, painstaking review of buyer feedback, picking and parsing at all the comments we could find, to see how our field stood up in real-world use.

We know that one of the most frustrating parts of online shopping is the hundreds of conflicting user reviews. They make it hard to tell whether a product is a winner or a total hunk of junk. That’s why we took the time to read every last one of the buyer reviews for each product we examined. We looked at whether they followed directions, how they used the appliance, and whether any other circumstances made their experiences worse or better than they otherwise might have been. That’s why in our reviews, you’ll find a concise, honest report of what actual buyers are saying, so you don’t have to be confused or wade through hundreds of conflicting reviews on your own time. After all, you should be spending your time sipping a nice cool drink, not muddling through online shopping.

In the end, we came up with our own top picks for each category, chosen to suit a whole range of needs, budgets, and lifestyles. You’ll find beverage cooling options for small businesses, home offices, summer picnics, and practically everything else you could think of.

Our in-depth reviews give you all you need to know about each cooler we’ve recommended here. We’ll tell you about the key technical details, discuss how each one compares to the competition, and give you a good sense of how buyers felt about these appliances in real life. We also took time to make sure we pointed out which cooling options are best for which buyers.

We hope you find Best Home Brewing Kit helpful! If you have any questions or comments about our content, or our recommendations, get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you. Make sure to check back frequently, since we update all our reviews regularly to make sure we’re not missing any new and exciting products that deserve a spot in our rankings!

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Clark Thanh

Clark is a freelance writer with several years of experience in beer brewing and fermentation. For as long as he can remember, Clark has always found great pleasure in brewing, fermentation and bottling beer.

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