How Long Does Beer Last in a Growler? (2021 Updated)

A growler is a re-sealable bottle filled to order with draft beer, it offers attractive portability and affordability for conveniently enjoying fresh beer at home or a party. But you maybe asking the question how long does beer last in a growler?

Types of Growlers

The most common growler bottle is a low-cost half gallon glass jug, but 32 ounce growlers are also popular for some of the stronger and more expensive beers. Growler bottles are traditionally made of translucent amber or brown glass, which like beer bottles are meant to protect the integrity of the beer from sunlight. Also available are ceramic, stainless, steel and PET plastic growlers. PET bottles are very lightweight, inexpensive and great for where glass is not allowed such as beaches, pools or other outdoor areas.

You can purchase bottles online at breweries, brew pubs and beer retailers where growlers are filled, when you select your beer the attendant will give your reusable bottle, a cold water rinse to cool it down and reduce beer foaming. Growlers are commonly filled from standard tap faucets, just like a glass of beer, but some retailers have invested in special tap systems specifically designed for maintaining beer freshness in growlers. These CO2 counter pressure systems purge oxygen from the empty bottle, before beer is poured in. Oxygen makes beer smell and taste stale in just one to three days.

Once full the bottle cap is sealed over the CO2 beer bubbles that rise into the bottleneck, providing a virtually oxygen-free brawler of beer. Filled growlers should be kept sealed and unopened until you’re ready to drink the beer. Keep it refrigerated and out of direct sunlight to help preserve the beers flavor. You also don’t want to leave filled growlers in a hot or freezing car. When you’re done enjoying your beer, be sure to clean and rinse your bottle, letting it air dry upside down on a rack. If you dont own your own a kegerator there are some amazing beers on tap, so fill your growler take it home and share it with friends, it’s a great way to further explore your love of beer.

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