Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Kit Review 2021

Every time you turn around, it seems like there’s another home brewing kit hitting the market. The problem this creates is that, while some are good, serviceable setups, there are others that can make it harder to start brewing than is necessary. The hard part is to figure out which type of kit best suits your needs, and which ones you should steer clear of.

While some beer brewing starter kits offer an easy entry into home brewing, there are others that provide the bare-bones basics to get started. The Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Kit falls into the second category.

Don’t get the wrong impression; this is a well-put-together home brewing kit that includes most of the essentials needed to brew your first batch. However, some things are missing, and any hand-holding that is given to brewers by other kits isn’t a part of this kit. For more experienced home brewers, though, this might be exactly what you need to improve your brew game.

Let’s look at what the Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Kit has to offer for home brewers, both new and experienced, and try to determine if this is the kit for you.

Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Kit General Features

This kit mostly receives good reviews from customers, which is always a good sign. There are reports of damaged pieces on delivery, but the company is reportedly extremely easy to deal with in these cases and will replace the parts with no muss or fuss.

This kit has a lot of things going for it, with some decent quality equipment included in the price. Home Brew Ohio (the company that created this kit) seems to have their customers’ ease-of-use in mind and wants to make the entire process as easy as possible, from purchase to popping the top on your first home brew bottle.

One choice they made was to keep the cost as low as possible to give more potential home brewers the opportunity to try this hobby. They succeeded, but as a result, this home brewing kit is less inclusive than some others, with several essentials not included.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; many people want to “dip their toe” into the world of home brewing without spending hundreds of dollars to give it a try, and this kit fills that spot in the market quite well despite the omissions in the equipment list.

This kit would also be a good choice for someone who is already experienced at brewing but wants to help a friend or family member get started as well. Chances are good that an experienced brewer will have some (or all) of the missing things they could loan or give to them, keeping the cost to a minimum. And honestly, if you’re helping someone who’s never experienced home brewing, you’re going to be there supporting them with advice.

I’ve mentioned several times that the Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Kit has a smaller list of included items than some kits, which may lead you to believe this kit is not one I would recommend. That’s not really the case here, though; let’s break down some of the specifics of what I’m talking about.


This kit has quite a few things going for it, with decent quality equipment included at a very reasonable price. This gives this kit quite a few things to recommend it:

  • Includes a glass carboy
  • All cleaning equipment is included, along with cleaning accessories
  • Moderately priced
  • Bottle capper is included
  • Clear instructions are provided


Any Shortfalls?

While this is a solid kit, some things are missing that could take this brew your own beer kit to the next level. Of course, to include these things would increase the price, which might lessen its appeal to new brewers.

If you’re new to home brewing, at the very least you’ll need to invest in a five-gallon kettle to ferment your beer in, along with bottles, caps and ingredients, all in addition to what is included in this kit.

For the best results (and a more complete brewing setup), you might want to invest in other items that aren’t included, like a hydrometer tube (even though a hydrometer is included), a high-quality stir spoon, a funnel, and an auto-siphon, among other items.

To brew your first beer using this kit, the only “must buys” to fill out the gaps are the kettle, bottles, caps, and ingredients. The other items will improve your enjoyment of learning how to home brew but aren’t completely necessary to brew.

Also, while the instructions are clear, they might not be all that a first-time brewer needs, especially when it comes to the lack of recipes and ingredients, which introduces a more significant element of chance into a first brew you can be proud of. This information is easily found elsewhere, though, so this isn’t a deal-breaker.

Home Brew Ohio has made some choices with this kit to keep the price below one hundred dollars, but it’s up to you if these omissions are worth the savings.


Several things are not included in this kit that you’ll need to start brewing, so this is not a “buy and brew” kit without additional purchases. The items you’ll have to buy separately include:

  • A kettle (preferably stainless steel)
  • A thermometer
  • Bottles
  • Recipes for good brews
  • Any ingredients

Is The Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Kit Worth Buying?

Whether or not the Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Kit is worth buying is a more complicated question than one that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.”

While many people use this kit for their first foray into home brewing beer, it would most likely be better suited for someone who has at least some knowledge of brewing, whether that be from a previous attempt or because they’ve assisted someone with the process and have decided to give it a try themselves.

I say this because there are some vital pieces of equipment not included, and there are others that can make home brewing much more effective and more straightforward. Someone that has no experience of any kind could run the risk of becoming frustrated if they assume they’re going to be ready to brew right out of the box and then discover that there’s another one to two hundred dollars’ worth of purchases to make before they can start.

In my opinion, this is a solid kit for someone who wants to give it a try but still needs some guidance and help from someone with more experience. If you have that type of support at hand, have previous experience with home brewing, or you’re comfortable with your ability to learn what you need to know from videos and other outside information sources this kit could be an excellent way to start home brewing.

It isn’t a bad kit, but it’s not an incredible one either. By staying firmly in the “solid quality” area of the rankings, Home Brew Ohio kept the price reasonable, but as always there were some trade-offs.

From the reviews the company has received from paying customers that purchased this kit, they’re very quick to take care of any problems with their merchandise, which is always a huge plus. Multiple reviews mention having a cracked piece of equipment when the box was opened that was quickly replaced with no hassle.

Excellent customer service has value, too, and the record they’ve established, along with the affordable price of this beer brewing starter kit, makes this an easy answer.
The decision for this Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Kit review? Definitely give it a try…maybe. It depends on your situation, your experience, and whether you mind hunting down your own recipes.


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