Seren Brewing Company (Home Brewing – Brewery Profile)

Best Home Brewing KitSeren Brewing Company was an award-winning nanobrewery on the edge of the Preseli Mountains in North Pembrokeshire. Beers are crafted by an international award-winning brewer on a small scale. This is craft beer made in West Wales – good beer on a small scale using only the best home brewing kits with no fancy bells and whistles, just pure ingredients, hard work and distinctive flavours.

Why Seren? Seren is the Welsh word for star. For centuries brewers have practiced their craft under the sign of a star, and our name and our logo reflects both this element of brewing and that we are proud to be a Welsh brewery.

At Seren, they liked local. and like to source as locally as possible, and like the local community to be able to enjoy the great beer  that we used to make (that doesn’t mean we won’t let you have it if you live further away).

Opening the doors in June 2013, winning Beer of the Festival at the CAMRA Pembrokeshire Beer Festival with the very first batch brewed. They since gone on to win more awards, most recently winning a silver medal in the Dublin Craft Beer Cup for our Bluestone IPA.

The brewery was an a building known locally as “The Factory”, which used to be the Syfynwy Woolen Mill. Once one of the attractions to be seen from the Rosebush-Maenclochog Railway we have returned “The Factory” in some small way to industry. The Afon Syfni runs beside the brewery from a spring nearby, flowing into Rosebush Reservoir from where we draw our pure Preseli water.