Storing Cigars in Wine Coolers (2021 Updated)


For many cigar collectors, it can become a burden having to buy a number of small cigar humidors to keep a number of cigars at the right temperature. Well, luckily cigar collectors from before you discovered that storing cigars in wine coolers is actually possible.

Well, naturally you may have some concerns about this since cigars and wine need different temperatures for them to age well. It is definitely not advisable to store both the wine and the cigars in the same cooler, well at least not for long.

Storing Wine and Cigars in the same Cooler (Short term)

It is important to note that cigars need a storage temperature of 70 degrees and humidity of 70 percent while wine would require a temperature of 55 degrees with 70 percent humidity. But the effect of the difference in temperature does not take place immediately so if for example you just received a number of cigars for a party or something of the sought which will see them out of the wine cooler within 2 days or less, then they can share the same cooler.

Some people may worry that the smell of tobacco may contaminate the wine but that is not possible as long as the corks are well placed on the wine.

Long term storage

If on the other hand, you intend to store the cigars for a long time in the wine cooler then it is advisable that you just modify the wine cooler and store only cigars and not both wine and cigars in the same cooler. This will ensure that the quality of the cigars is not destroyed.

If the temperature is left at 55 degrees, then the moisture in the cigars could be sucked out with time and you would not believe how furiously they would burn if you lighted them up.

The best wine cooler you can use is a thermoelectric one, this is because they regulate the temperature best and it is much easier to modify them to keep cigars.

How to modify the Cooler:

If you have a thermoelectric wine cooler, then the next step would be to replace the metallic grills with cedar wood shelves. Wood provides a degree of insulation and which is why it is used in the desktop humidor. It is important that if you use glue for the shelves, it should be odor free and nontoxic so that you do not affect the quality of the cigars.

Next will be ensuring the humidity in the cooler is kept between 65 and 70 percent. To do this you will need to install humidity beads. These can be purchased from your local hardware store. Humidity beads are easy to use and care for.

You can go the extra mile if you are in a really hot season to have small fans that can be used to keep the air in the cooler constantly moving. These can be battery operated fans. It may not be necessary for some circumstances.

Sometimes condensation may happen so you should use the beads to suck up any drops of water because these will sip into the cigars.

Once this is done, you can put your cigars in the wine cooler and rest assured they will be fine. You will still need to check on them from time to time to ensure the temperature remains right.

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