4 Best Sub Zero Wine Fridge (2021 Reviews Updated)

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Refrigerators are very important storage facilities. For your wine storage needs, you should consider buying Sub Zero Wine Fridge. Sub Zero is a leading fridge manufacturing company. It is famous for its high quality fridges that are durable and have sufficient storage capacity. If you are looking for the best refrigerator to store your wine, Sub Zero Wine Fridge is your perfect choice. The company has released 6 series fridges which come in different sizes ranging from medium to large. They can accommodate wine bottles of varying sizes. Take a look.

Sub Zero 315 Wine Refrigerator
This amazing fridge has 26 bottle capacity. This allows you to store many bottles of wine. In addition, it features 6 shelves to enable you arrange wine bottles in an attractive way. The shelves are designed in a manner that they can be pulled out to give you access to wine bottles. You can set the temperature from 7 to 13 degrees centrigrade.

Sub Zero 424 And 424Fs Wine Refrigerator Models
These models stand out from other fridges due to their dual zones. In addition, they have a large storage capacity. This allows you to store up to 46 bottles of wine. They have 5 shelves, each with a carrying capacity of 8 bottles. Shelves glide against the roller to allow you store bootles with 750ml capacity. These models have excellent settings which enable you to set temperature from 3 to 16 degrees centrigrade. They also come with two evaporators that help to keep humidity in both compartments at a constant level.

Sub Zero 430 Built-In, Dual Zone Wine Cellar
This awesome fridge is so big. It can store up to 147 bottles of wine. This makes it ideal for a big family. In addition, it comes in different designs which include stainless, overlay and framed. Furthermore, it has two separate compartments. Each compartment has its own temperature control. Temperature ranges from 3 to 18 degrees centigrade. Moreover, its shelves are made of wires.This makes them durable. They are also rustproof and can be pulled out when the door is open to allow you have access to your wine bottles.
The shelves offer a beautiful display of wine bottles which attracts customers. The fridge features lighting in the control panel which help to illuminate the bottles. It also has a transparent door which is tinted to protect wine from effects of ultra violet rays of the sun. The fridge also comes with cherry wood fronts which give it a natural appearance. Into the bargain, it includes accessories such as door lock kit and door handles.

Sub Zero 427 And 427R Models –Dual Zone
These two models offer the best storage conditions for your wine bottles. They are also versatile in design. This makes them look superb. They have large storage capacities to allow you store many bottles of wine.

Bottom Line
In conclusion, the above are some of the best Sub Zero Wine Fridges. They have excellent features which enable them to offer the best functionality. They provide the best conditions for keeping your wine bottles cool. They are also easy to use. You definitely want to buy.

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